How To Create Your Company Tagline (Watch this video first)

What if our communication is so clear that we draw the right people to our business and attract more of the right people and less of the wrong ones?

You’ll notice a transition as we move towards getting you the tools you can use to start applying it to your marketing and anytime you talk about what you do.

It’s tough to dumb it down. But you have to because people don’t need a textbook, they want a newspaper headline. That’s what you’ve got to work with.

If your business was featured in the newspaper or Elon Musk was going to give you a tweet, what would you ask them to write. This may not happen but you’ve got other places with similar spaces to fill. For example, the headline on your website, your email signature, that blank space on the back of a business card, LinkedIn description, Social media posts/ads etc. You can use your tagline on Google Ads, the Google Title & Meta Description (for the SEO geeks), the decal of your vehicle, or even the end zone of a football game

There are many places where you need a tagline. Plus, you just need to be thinking concisely about what you offer this world.

It’s not a pitch. That’s coming next. This is your company headline. It’s a way to describe what you do in the shortest amount of time possible.

How do you create a one-liner?

Here are five tips for creating a great tagline:

1. Be clear

You don’t have to be clever, creative, or cute. This is not the place to be flowery. Just clear. Simple is best.

2. Keep your tagline aspirational

Use your BrandScript to tap into the goal of the customer. How can you tap into their desire? You can go back to how you answered #2 and #15 from the previous session. Those will give you aspirational hints to prompt you.

3. Keep it to one sentence.

You never see a newspaper headline with two sentences. Not even a run-on sentence. Headline writers get paid their salaries to just write short headlines that will capture the reader’s attention.

4. Look at what your competitors are saying for inspiration.

Don’t rip them off, just read through a few to get yourself thinking - maybe thinking what not to do if your competitors are bad. And if that’s the case, you have a huge opportunity in the market because people are drawn to get your tagline done quickly.

5. AI software as your tagline generator.

There’s some amazing software out there today that will pump out a ton of options for you to consider. Even if you just use them for inspiration and tweak it, you can save a lot of stress.

They have free trials and paid versions which are worth every penny. Just Google “AI Tagline Generator” or “AI Copywriting” and see which software works best for you.

Once you think you’ve chosen your tagline, run it through the first five points to see if its working. 

There you go. You should have some solid tips there for putting together a strong first line that’s going to describe what you do for people and the outcome they receive.

It feels like a small thing but when it’s done well, you can achieve powerful results.

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