What pages do you need on your website?

You’ll want everything to be clean and clearly organized, but you don’t want to overwhelm your site visitors with tabs.

Most visitors will begin on your homepage, but where do they go after that? Only create the pages you feel are necessary to convey your brand—the simplicity of navigation is the key here. At the same time, don’t leave out a page you think could benefit your audience.

If you’re targeting a demographic that has a short attention span (like college students or millennials), you may want to have multiple page options that help them get to exactly what they want to see. If you’re targeting a demographic that generally only buys products from sellers they trust (like those who grew up before Amazon Prime), you may want to have an extensive About page that details your company’s ethos and puts a face to your team members. 

I’m happy to help you figure out a few essential pieces when putting together a website for your clinic. There are a few essentials you should know that will make you confident when you’re doing it yourself OR if a web developer asks you “So...what do you want on your website."

Each page on your site should answer a question. These are the top six. You’ll see that each page answers a question.

Examples of Site Pages:

  • Home - “Does this solve a need that I have?”
  • About - "Do I trust this person?"
  • Contact "How do I get a hold of them?”
  • Services - "Does this place solve my problem?"
  • Blog - "Is this person an expert in the field?"
  • Pricing - "Does it fit in my price range?"

You might also need:

  • FAQ
  • Reviews / Success Stories
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