Becoming a StoryBrand Guide has changed my life. I've met amazing people. I've grown a business. I've been able to feed my family. I've achieved levels of generosity I had only dreamed about.

And I'll be doing it all again for another year.

I recently re-upped my license to be a Certified StoryBrand Guide. Now in my third year helping clients apply the framework as part of their overall marketing strategy, I'm excited to reach even more people, making a bigger impact.

I am the admin of a group called "Get Clear Marketing Using the StoryBrand Framework." We are over 1200 members now and growing each day. Our members are committed to helping each other with their marketing. We have businesses and business leaders of all size, in so many industries and coming from all over the world - it's very cool.

Recently, I did a coaching call for members of the group, teaching them things I've learned since I became a Guide. Here are the five points:

1. StoryBrand Is All About Creating Clarity.

Why is the framework so popular? I believe it is because of the emphasis on clarity.
People are moving fast these days. They don’t have time for riddles or even creativity that requires thinking.

Things will naturally drift toward chaos.

That's what the second law of thermodynamics teaches us. Things go from complexity to chaos over time. Businesses will do the same unless we put some energy into it. That's why a good BrandScript session is so powerful. It puts time and energy into hitting restart on the company's ideal client, their pain points and how you exist to help people.
Clarity is critical these days. You don't have to be clever, cute or even all that creative - just clear. 
People love StoryBrand because it reminds them of the power of clarity. 

2. StoryBrand Is A Team Sport.

I pity the fool who thinks they can create a clear message on their own. Nobody can do business alone. We all need help in some places.  There are few people who can transcend their company and create a clear message on their own. We all have blind spots when it comes to that which we are most familiar with. 

What Lee Lefevre calls "The Curse of Knowledge" is a Real thing. The better you are at something, the more at risk you are of confusing people when you talk about it. I've watched too many successful people struggle unsuccessfully to do a BrandScript on their own. They get stuck on something. 

That's why we have our StoryBrand group. That's why we have Guides who can help. You think you have a unique industry or business that a disaster to try to market -  We call it Thursday.

Everyone thinks they have a unique message that is tough to "StoryBrand." They don't. They're just trying to do it alone.

3. StoryBrand Is a Tool, Not a Savior.

Changing the words on a website won't transform a bad business. If you have a bad idea, dull business or just a hobby with no real market, you can’t save it by putting icon benefits or a cool three-step process on your home page. 

To have a successful business, you need an overall plan. You need good SEO, a well-designed website, referrals from happy customers, and accounting that isn't going to land you in jail one day.

The success stories we read about and hear trumpeted are likely not the whole story. Business owners who say, “We did StoryBrand and everything 10x'ed for us,” probably already had lot of good things in place already. There’s more than just changing words on your website to run a great business.

StoryBrand is a tool - it's an excellent and effective tool at that. To scale your business, you still need to be a business person. You have to be able to sell, to market, to manage a team, to delegate and be ready to sell...

And use the StoryBrand Framework to all its potential.

4. There Are Many Ways To Apply Your Brandscript

I'm always pleasantly surprised to see some of the unintended consequences that come from a StoryBrand session. The framework can be used on so much. I used a BrandScript to land a TEDx talk audition. It can help with leading people, in sales, in encouraging burned out employees, and in stoking the fires of why you got into this business in the first place.

If you can think quick, you can make a BrandScript in minutes. Then you can use the power of StoryBrand to help you win every conversation. Remember, it's not just you winning, it's unleashing the hero in the person you are talking to, helping them see that what you're talking about is going to help them with their story too.

5. It Always Becomes About the Website.

12 times out of 10, people want to talk about their website as the first place to apply their new message. Your website should be the first place you pour out your energy in application. It's the first place people go when they want to check out your website. It's where Google points people when they are looking for you. Your website is critical.

I've created and grown a website company (Get Clear Sites) that focusses exclusively on building StoryBrand Websites because there was such a need for help from my consulting clients. So we made sure they were not just StoryBrand sites, they were sites that worked for them.

There are four components to a winning website:

  1. Great Design
  2. Clear Message
  3. Fundamentals of SEO
  4. Easy to Make Edits

You don't have to be ashamed of your website. You should be proud of it. People are so embarrassed to talk about their website - it doesn't have to be that way anymore.


I'm excited to help companies apply these principles and others to their business. They deserve better. Their customers deserve better. Their staff deserve better. Their website even deserves better.

I can help you become better. 

Schedule a call today and I'll show you how: